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stairznflowerz's Journal

Étapes et Fleurs
29 July
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i love... music!
3, 4-methylenedioxy-n-methylamphetamine, 40 below summer, 80s music, a perfect circle, a vous la parole, a winters tale, adam corolla, adore, air, alternative, annette curtis klause, aphex twin, archaeology, art, atari teenage riot, august and everything after, beer, bella morte, billy talent, bjork, blood and chocolate, boards of canada, bob dylan, bob marley, books, bright eyes, buddhism and taoism, cat power, chemistry, concerts, cooper high school, counting crows, creativity, cursive, damien rice, dancing in the rain, dashboard confessional, dead kennedys, deftones, desaparecidos, dirk, dreams, edgar allen poe, elliott smith, entering the dirk, explosions in the sky, fantasy, fiona apple, future sound of london, gylbots, iron & wine, joan baez, john lennon, kitaro, learning, local bands, london after midnight, loveline, mars volta, midsummer night's dream, modest mouse, mogwai, moneen, mortiis, napalm death, never is a promise, new duation terrorists, night, nightmare before christmas, nintendo, nirvana, noodle sex, oasis, obscuria, one love, peter murphy, pharmacology, pi, pink floyd, poetry, psychology, radiohead, rage against the machine, rain ep, ramones, reading, refused, requiem for a dream, research, retro, rotten apples, sex, shakespeare, shpongle, silverchair, simon & garfunkel, siouxsie and the banshees, skinny puppy, sleeping outdoors, smashing pumpkins, smilin liar, snow star gazing, sufjan stevens, sunsets, super nintendo, switchblade symphony, tenacious d, tfc, thc, the album leaf, the beatles, the books, the decemberists, the faint, the go! team, the silver kiss, the starry night, tilly and the wall, tomita, vast, venetian snares, video games, vincent van gogh, wilco, winter